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Post by Kitten on Sat May 03, 2014 11:38 pm

Hey! Lot of you probably seen me post in /Meet the Staff/. But unlike wolfhome admins I like to get to know users on a normal basis. I will not act better then anyone so if you see me acting that way. Please totally call me out on it. As a Alpha of Imyndun, I am neither owner nor co-owner, I am the Alpha of entertainment and amusement.
Need someone to rely on and don't know where to go. Find Jess or Emilyah on chats and tell her your problems I promise I will listen and do my best to make you smile. I am a very caring person and I used to work on Mystical Realms, I was known as the Goof Beta back then.
So yeah guys don't be afraid of me. Treat me like a normal user but of course one who follows the rules. Of course if you did something wrong, I'm sorry rules are rules i love everyone.(but very few.) And I will kick if need be but again I do not kick for needless reasons.
Also, Don't even ask how many times it took me to spell entertainment right.

Well onto the basics!!!


Well my name is Jessica, Which is pretty easy to figure out from my username. I'm Currently eighteen years old; Born February 21st 1996.
I've been on chat lands a fair amount of my life, From when Wolf home only had about 10 users on a day<3 Oh the fun times T^T
Anyway, I am a Digital and Traditional artist, Currently practicing in painting; Because I love making a mess all the time. I do free sketches for friends and people I know online so if you catch me in the right mood, You just got your self free art. Haha. I'm not the best artist though but with Digital I do, Gray scaling, Tri-coloring, Drawing, Coloring ect.
My favorite animals would have to be Tigers, Pandas and cats. Just like flat down I am a Feline person all the way. I love dogs and all but cats rule the world. ;D Literally.
My characters speak allot about my personality because each one has a special meaning <3
►| Kitten | Emilyah | Ariana |◄

But yes!!! I am extremely easy to talk to D; So don't think I am a user eater I swear i'm not.

Loves you all.

Jess again, Hehe 2wfu2l2
"Smiling is infectious,

You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too."
--Author Unknown

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