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Meet Arcroonja2! Empty Meet Arcroonja2!

Post by Arcroonja2 on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:17 pm

I Am Arcroonja2, otherwise known as Saphira.
I used to live in Spain, Madrid. I have now moved to Minnesota, Minneapolis. I am a litterate roleplayer and always have time to RP, but due to my promotion I can't. I love the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, and love drawing! I create poses for people, along with pose sets.

Due to certain difficulties, my poses are only for Imyndun.

You know my likes, heres some dislikes!:
  • Seafood
    Scary Movies

Thats actually it, but theres much more stuff about me. I am currently unemployed, except for me handing out doughnuts for a dollar. ;.; But I'm not a poor person. c: Theres much more about me that could not be expressed through this topic, except that I'm a really funny person. c:

Contacts/Side accounts:
  1. IndustryPEACE (side account)
    ArcroonjaTheLastOne (Side account) (email)

Thats pretty much it. Visit me or message me if you like! Have a nice day!

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Meet Arcroonja2! Empty Re: Meet Arcroonja2!

Post by KaeBae on Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:29 pm

Lmao. Hai<3

I have been hurt for too long.
When will people learn to love?
Learn to care,
Learn to help,
Learn to realize their wrongs and rights.

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