A Wild Tribaloo Appeared!

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A Wild Tribaloo Appeared! Empty A Wild Tribaloo Appeared!

Post by Tribal on Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:48 pm

Ahoy, friends! I'm Tribaloo, or Tribals on Imyndun. I enjoy drawing, coloring, eating food, and of course being here! As some of you do not know, I am part of the EC, or Event Committee here on the site, which means I contribute ideas for fun holiday events, trivia, etc. If there's any questions about me or anything you need to know, feel free to ask! I don't bite hard c:

P.S: I do take absences very few times + school is coming right up on Monday, so if you do need to contact me (if ever anything is so important you can't wait) you can kik me at infinite_connection
If any other resources are needed please PM me!

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A Wild Tribaloo Appeared! Mhmnos11

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