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Crybaby/Lotus Empty Crybaby/Lotus

Post by Sammie on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:55 am

Rules: Can be used on any chatlands, other than MysticalRealms;
May NOT be uploaded to artsites like deviantart or Furaffinity without proper credit (meaning somewhere in the description, link to my gallery --- > )
May be modified however
Crybaby/Lotus ToonyscratchCrybaby/Lotus ToonyplushlickCrybaby/Lotus ToonyfloatCrybaby/Lotus ToonybegCrybaby/Lotus ToonplushplayCrybaby/Lotus TailthingCrybaby/Lotus SweateranthroCrybaby/Lotus SleeepyCrybaby/Lotus SitCrybaby/Lotus Raveprecolor1Crybaby/Lotus RaveblankCrybaby/Lotus PlushieCrybaby/Lotus Ploooosh2Crybaby/Lotus PjplushCrybaby/Lotus Pj1Crybaby/Lotus LeogeckoCrybaby/Lotus HellokittyCrybaby/Lotus EmuuuCrybaby/Lotus ButterflyCrybaby/Lotus BearprecolorCrybaby/Lotus Bearblank

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