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Imyndun's Backstory Empty Imyndun's Backstory

Post by - on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:15 pm

Here is the quick backstory I wrote for Imyndun. I tried to keep it short and sweet. uvu

Once, long ago, a dire wolf by the name of Eventide roamed the valleys of what is now known as Iceland. She was utterly alone, and for months upon months she was in complete isolation, forced to walk the barren lands, with her hope of ever finding someone like her to accompany her dimming with each passing day. However, whenever the last drop of light vanished from the sky and the moon took its full each night, Eventide took refuge and found peace in one thing – her dreams. They were more vivid, colourful and full of hope than anyone could hope to imagine. She found that, when she awoke, she was able to escape to her own mind even when she was not asleep, branching off from the last night’s dream and letting her thoughts travel and fly even further. She was able to feel the warmth of someone else sleeping next to her, to hear the sweet sound of birds’ joyful singing as they took to the sky and touched their feathers to the wind, the taste of berries that were sun-ripe in the summer, she could even picture the wondrous design of a that first single snowflake of winter’s first snowfall. She could do all of this just by picturing it in her mind, That is when she discovered that, even though she was physically alone, she did have one thing. Imagination. Dreams. Eventide’s imagination grew more powerful by the day, and it filled her with not only comfort, but wonder as well. She could only imagine how far she could take it, what she would one day be able to do. Moons later, when Eventide passed away one cold winter night, she found her own spirit in isolation yet again. But she found she was living in what felt like a lucid dream. She didn’t feel as if death had to stop her. In fact, it unlocked a new opportunity to put her imagination to work. She spent years taking everything she had dreamed about, everything she longed for while she was alive on the earth, everything she felt,  everything sweet, everything bitter, and everything bittersweet and in between. She was able to create a world full of wonder and tranquility, a world that carried the sound of a second chance, a chance for others to have the life she never did. She called this world Imyndun, which meant Imagination, to keep her memory alive for years to come.

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Imyndun's Backstory Empty Re: Imyndun's Backstory

Post by C-4 on Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:22 pm

I think a book could actually be made out of this.

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