Event Committee Application [Open-becoming selective]

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Event Committee Application [Open-becoming selective] Empty Event Committee Application [Open-becoming selective]

Post by Sammie on Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:56 am

Hello all!
I'm Patrol, and I am the head of Imyndun's Event Committee!
Unfortunately, we no longer have a team, so we're going to create one!
The Event Committee is where we will throw events, contests, and competitions for our community! This will help us all bond, and make us become stronger!
Anyone can join, and this isn't an administrator position!
Please send your applications to Sammie on the forums please!
Based off of Wolfhome's EC:

Username(Forum - if different):
Why would you want to join the Event Committee?:
Do you have experience with any events? If so, what?:
What are some things that you have accomplished?:
What are some goals you'd like to see for the Event Committee?:
What would you want to do for the Event Committee (ideas of events, contests, etc.):
Are you willing to be part of a team and work with several users?

Event Committee Application [Open-becoming selective] UXlN9Sz
Patrol/Sammie on chats.

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